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DooDoo Mini

DooDoo Mini


Perfect for all dog owners, The DooDoo Clip enables hands-free dog walking so your dog can get all the attention and care they deserve!

Perfect gift for all pet parents and every dog walker
Different types and fun colour choices to match any lead
Attaches to leashes, strollers, pet utility bags, purses, backpacks, and more
Environmentally Friendly, made from recycled goods
Tear Proof
Made in the UK
Holds up to three used bags

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MDF Ash Wood


1x DooDoo Clip, 1x Carabiner Clip


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How to use

Your DooDoo Clip

Step 1

Wait for your dog to do it’s business

Step 2

Pick up the poo, tie the knot

Step 3

Slot the used bag into the DooDoo Clip!