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The pet product you didnt know you needed.

What is the DooDoo Clip?

Launched in July 2021, the DooDoo clip is perfect for all dog owners, this is a uniquely designed dog poo bag holder made with eco-friendly materials and packaging that you can attach to your dog’s lead so you always have a place to put the full dog poo bag!

The DooDoo Clip enables hands-free dog walking so your dog can get all the attention and care they deserve.

– Perfect for all pet parents and every dog walker
– Different types and fun colour choices to match any lead
– Attaches to leashes, strollers, pet utility bags, purses, backpacks, and more!

dog poo bag holder
Eco Friendly

Made from recycled materials

Made Locally

Designed and made in the UK

No Tear

Designed to not tear poo bags

Multiple Bags

Easily carry used bags hands-free

Here is the issue

You and your dog love going out for walks. And of course there will be a time or two when they need to go make a doodoo.

We are all responsible dog owners and like to pick up our pets poo while they stare with a confused face. Now the annoying thing is, you end up carrying a full poo bag for the rest of walk because you can’t find a bin and you don’t want to leave it in the park.

That’s where we come to the rescue! Hooking the full poo bag on the doodoo clip, which may be attached to your lead, your bag or even your belt – whatever you choose – frees up your other hand to through the ball for your dog or even let yourself enjoy a coffee.

Doesn’t that sound great? is the solution!

DooDoo Dog

Our crouching clip is the original DooDoo Clip. Available in multiple colours and holds up to three used bags.

DooDoo Paw

Our puppy paw clip is pawfect. Available in multiple colours and can easily hold up to three used bags.

DooDoo Bone

Our dog bone clip is perfect for dog walkers. Available in multiple colours and can easily hold up to three used bags.

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